Love Apple Farms 2019 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale Love Apple Farms 2019 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale
Zhezha (medium red bush tomato)

Zhezha (medium red bush tomato)

4.99 USD
Color: Red
Shape: Round/Beefsteak
Size: Medium

Seeds sent to Gary Ibsen in 2001 from a farmer in the Zhengjiang province of China as a heat-tolerant favorite. Gary trialed this variety for 4 years, and found it to be a tomato deserving recognition, then released it to others. We, here at Love Apple, trialed it in our 2016 garden and agreed. It is indeed a great tomato. Very productive on short plants, which is unusual.  Determinate, regular leaf plant produces huge quantities of red, round, 10 oz. tomatoes in clusters of 4-6 fruits. Juicy and tasty! Good disease resistance. Good market tomato as it is productive and does not need a tall tomato cage. If sold out, a good sub is Celebrity, another red determinate variety.

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