Love Apple Farms 2019 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale Love Apple Farms 2019 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale
Stupice (small red tomato)

Stupice (small red tomato)

4.99 USD
Color: Red
Shape: Round
Size: Small

Seeds sent to the U.S. from the former Czechoslovakia by Milan Sodomka. Stupice is a cold-tolerant tomato popular with those who have short growing seasons. Semi-determinate, compact, potato leaf plants produce an abundance of very sweet, tangy, flavorful 2 to 3-inch, deep red tomatoes. A 1988 comparative tasting in the San Francisco area gave it first place for its wonderful sweet/acid, tomatoey flavors and production. Produces well in northern climates, near the coast, or in shadier gardens (all tough growing conditions). A good sub, if sold out, is New Girl or Zhezha.

Semi-determinate tomatoes mean they get about 3 or 4 feet tall, requiring a medium-sized cage.

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