Love Apple Farms 2017 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale Love Apple Farms 2017 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale


4.99 USD
Color: Red
Shape: Round/Beefsteak
Size: Medium

We trialed this one in our 2016 garden and loved it. Really prolific (lots of fruit), round orbs were almost always perfect (unusual for an heirloom) and had an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity. We thought it was good enough to bring it back for 2017 and offer it to our customers who want to try something out of the box. Indeterminate plant means it will need a tall tomato cage. If sold out, try Ramapo, Sisters or Sweet Israeli. Photo courtesy of, our seed source for this fantastic old heirloom.

Biodynamic-certified young tomato plant. Pre-order now for pick up at Love Apple Farms Spring Plant Sale.