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Shishito Pepper

Shishito Pepper

3.99 USD
Scoville Heat Units: 50-200

Shishito peppers hail from Japan, where one doesn't expect much spice. One out of every ten to twenty shishitos pack a bit of a punch. They don’t reach even mild jalapeño heat, but it’s enough to catch you by surprise. Padrónes have a similar “Russian roulette” tendency, and they both add a level of playfulness to the eating experience that most foods can only dream of. They are extremely popular as a quick-to-cook appetizer, or thinly sliced and raw. Our go-to hybrid cultivar of this fine pepper is 'Mellow Star.' We've been growing and loving it now for three years. Last year, we had too many to pick. That's not a bad dilemma to have!

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