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Sexy Beast (pink oxheart tomato)

Sexy Beast (pink oxheart tomato)

4.99 USD
Color: Pink
Shape: Oxheart
Size: Large

Ever since Cynthia saw "Austin Powers" she has wanted to name a tomato Sexy Beast. It took ten years before we developed a variety worthy of the name. We call a lot of tomatoes beautiful because, well, we love them, but this one is truly sexy. Dense, pink oxhearts with seductively sweet flavor. This one you'll want to take home to meet your parents. One of our gardening customers who grew this in her 2016 garden, Tana Butler (she took the photo above) says of it, "The most perfect tomato in every regard." We love oxheart-type tomatoes because they do double-duty as both slicers and sauce tomatoes, due to their scant seed and excellent meatiness.

Plant has an indeterminate growth habit (needs a tall tomato cage). A good sub, if sold out, is German Red Strawberry. 

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