Love Apple Farms 2017 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale Love Apple Farms 2017 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale

Vernissage Black

4.99 USD
We love a good striped dark smallish tomato in the garden, particularly as we strive to acquire all possible colors and sizes. This mahogany and green striped heirloom is sure to be a cute pop of interesting color in the garden. Purple tomatoes tend to have a smokey, barbequey flavor. Double Helix Farms developed this new tomato variety and they swear by its great taste and heavy production. Certainly no one can deny how pretty it is. This was a stand-out last year in our trial garden, with fruit lasting well into fall. We love it! Plant has an indeterminate growth habit (needs a tall tomato cage). A good sub, if sold out, is Hippie Zebra (albeit in a much larger fruit size).

Biodynamic-certified young tomato plant. Pre-order now for pick up at Love Apple Farms Spring Plant Sale.