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Potting Soil

Potting Soil

13 USD
If you're growing in a container, you'll need to replace the soil every year you grow tomatoes. Containers such as plastic pots, terra cotta pots, wooden receptacles including wine barrels can harbor pests and diseases over winter, so it's best not to reuse the same soil for growing tomatoes multiple years in a row. Tomatoes are such heavy feeders that they'll use up everything that's available in your potting soil mix by the end of the season. If you've had trouble growing tomatoes in containers, the usual reason is poor potting soil and scant fertility.

This 2.0 cu ft bag is the equivalent of about 15 gallons, so you'll need about one and 1/3 bags per 20 gallon Geopot.

Now that you've got the right Potting Soil, you'll need to add some extra fertility to it to get a bumper crop. Try to add these items to your Potting Soil mix for extra fab tomatoes and other veggies you will be planting in your pot:
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