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Jimmy Nardello

Jimmy Nardello

4.49 USD
Scoville Heat Units: 0

Although this pepper looks dangerous, it's actually sweet and full of flavor. It's versatility and ease of growing make it an extremely popular choice for home gardeners. Thin-skinned and great for frying and drying, this pepper has been placed in the "Ark of Taste" by the Slow Food organization. I had not experienced the joy of eating fried Jimmy Nardellos until last summer, when a friend of mine fried up some ripe red ones in a skillet. Along with a bit of oil, stirred for about 5 to 7 minutes on high heat, then finished with a bit of water dashed into the pan before a lid is thrown on top. The water turns to steam and finishes the peppers nicely on low heat for another minute. You will be absolutely amazed at how sweet these beauties are when prepared this way. Email me at after you do it. You'll be thanking me and wishing you had grown 10 of these plants!

An Italian heirloom, brought to the United Sates in the late 19th century by Giuseppe and Angela Nardiello of Ruoti, Southern Italy.

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