Love Apple Farms 2019 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale Love Apple Farms 2019 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale
Indigo Cherry Drops (bi-color tomato)

Indigo Cherry Drops (bi-color tomato)

4.99 USD
Color: Purple/Black
Shape: Round
Size: Cherry/Small

Another trial winner in our 2016 test garden, we love the Indigo-series of tomatoes with their extra dark skin and extraordinary vibrant interior colors. This one was a keeper after seeing and tasting it. Drop dead gorgeous, we couldn't get enough of these little gems. You're sure to love it too. Indeterminate tomatoes need a tall cage to stake them properly. Indigo-purple fruits turn yellow and red on the bottom as they ripen. 70 days. A good sub, if sold out, is Indigo Apple or Black Cherry.

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