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Harvest Supreme Compost

Harvest Supreme Compost

11 USD
We use Harvest Supreme in our raised garden bed amending recipe. It contains 15% composted chicken manure, which helps to add some organic fertility to your soil, along with a bunch of other good stuff: recycled forest products, bark fines, rice hulls, oyster shell lime (as pH adjuster), worm castings, bat guano, and kelp meal. Harvest Supreme also helps to break up clay soils!

Cynthia's garden bed amending recipe per 50 square feet:
If you have very poor soil (very hard clay or excessively sandy or you haven't amended your soil in years, then double up on all of these quantities). To use: Spread all amendments evenly across the surface of the garden bed, and turn in with a spade fork as deeply as you can. Rake smooth and you're ready to plant.

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