Love Apple Farms 2018 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale Love Apple Farms 2018 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale


12 USD
We like using these fabric Geopots for a number of reasons. A common mistake for rookie tomato growers is not giving their plants enough space. One tomato plant per 20 gallon pot is a good soil volume. Breathable, fabric pots prevent plants from becoming root bound. During the hottest part of the growing season they help to keep roots cool, whereas plastic pots in direct sunlight can get superheated, making for some very unhappy plants. Geopots are washable and foldable, so they're easy to reuse and store. We have been using the same ones for years, so they stand up to a lot of abuse. A highly recommended product! One tomato plant per pot or 3 pepper or eggplants.

Don't forget your G&B Organics Potting Soil. You'll need one and a third bag of a 2 cubic foot bag to fill these pots to the top (and you should indeed fill it to the tippy top).
For best results, also add:
  • 1 cup G&B Tomato, Vegetable, and Herb Fertilizer
  • 1 cup G&B Bone Meal
  • 1 cup G&B Fish Meal
  • 1/3 pkg Mykos Mycorrhizal Fungi (sprinkled on rootball when planting)
  • 1 cup 100% Pure Worm Castings 
  • Several crushed egg shells
  • 2 regular aspirin tablets

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