Love Apple Farms 2017 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale Love Apple Farms 2017 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale

Delano Green

4.99 USD
Color: Green
Shape: Beefsteak
Size: Medium to Large

We received this tomato from our super secret seed source. Due to a language barrier, we could not determine if this varietal had a preexisting name, so we translated the scrawled ink on the coin envelope, "delano, verde." These luscious heirlooms have been cultivated for over a hundred years, passed down over the generations. Beautiful, practically blemish-free, chartreuse fruit boasts big fruity flavors. By far our favorite green-when-ripe tomato. Grow this in your garden to help us keep this variety alive! Plant has an indeterminate growth habit (needs a tall tomato cage). A good sub, if sold out, is Green Zebra.

Biodynamic-certified young tomato plant. Pre-order now for pick up at Love Apple Farms Spring Plant Sale. 

Photograph via World Tomato Society.