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Planting Hole Bundle for 12 Tomatoes

Planting Hole Bundle for 12 Tomatoes

49 USD
Tried and proven by hundreds of Love Apple Farms' tomato customers, Cynthia's planting hole recipe is the way to get great tomatoes. Soils become depleted after just one year of growing tomatoes or veggies, and you've got to put back into the ground what the plants took out over the growing season. After years of experimentation, research, and trial growing, Cynthia Sandberg, owner of Love Apple Farms, has developed a planting method for tomatoes known far and wide. Click here to view a full synopsis of how she does it, using all of the ingredients we offer our hard-core tomato customers at our annual spring plant sale. When she grows tomatoes, she always adds this mix to the 2-foot deep planting hole:
Every year, more customers who have tried her method come into the sale waxing ecstatic over the results their garden has given them using Cynthia's method. Get on the bus and start busting out the best tomato year ever! Note that if you are growing in our recommended 20 gallon Geopots, we try to double up these quantities and mix it in with the G&B Potting Soil.

This package offering includes enough planting hole recipe mix for 12 tomato plants. Also great for peppers and eggplants, using 50% quantities per plant. For $49, you'll receive:

One 4 lb bag G&B Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer 4-6-3
One 4 lb bag G&B Bone Meal
One 3 lb bag G&B Fish Meal
Four 8 oz packets of Mykos Mycorrhizal Fungi
One 4 lb  bag  Worm Castings

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