Love Apple Farms 2017 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale Love Apple Farms 2017 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale

Caspian Pink

4.99 USD
Color: Pink
Shape: Beefsteak
Size: Large

Originally grown in southern Russia between the Caspian and Black Seas. This heirloom is thought by some to be "Queen of the Pinks." Prolific, 1-2 pound, globe-shaped, pleated, pink-red beefsteak tomatoes rival Brandywine in popularity and flavor (some find the taste even better than Brandywine). One of the best-known and best-tasting Russian tomatoes. A winning choice for a market tomato, sandwich, sauce or salad tomato. Plant has an indeterminate growth habit (needs a tall tomato cage). A good sub, if sold out, is Brandywine Sudduth's Grafted, Pink Montserrat, or Momotaro.

Biodynamic-certified young tomato plant. Pre-order now for pick up at Love Apple Farms Spring Plant Sale. 

Copyrighted © photo and description courtesy of TomatoFest