Love Apple Farms 2019 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale Love Apple Farms 2019 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale
Beauty Lottringa (ruffled red tomato)

Beauty Lottringa (ruffled red tomato)

4.99 USD
Color: Red
Shape: Ruffled
Size: Medium to Large

This extremely rare heirloom beauty was "lost" to us for over a decade. We've been searching for a seed source high and low and finally found it. We grew it out in 2018 to ensure it was still as awesome as we remembered, and to save our own seed stock. We don't want to lose our access to this show-stopper again. Lots of deeply ribbed ruby red ruffled lovelies. This will be the one you take pics of and send to us during the summer. You'll be posting this baby on Instagram and Facebook for all to see. Don't forget to tag us when you do! @loveapplefarms

Plant has an indeterminate growth habit (needs a tall tomato cage). A good sub for this one, or if you simply adore ruffled tomatoes, try Pink Accordion.

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