Love Apple Farms 2017 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale Love Apple Farms 2017 Tomato Plant Pre-Sale

Antohi Romanian

3.99 USD
Scoville Units: 1 - 1,000

This is a gorgeous Eastern European frying pepper. If you a fan of the Padron pepper, then you'll love this pepper! Similarly prepared (hot skillet, toss fresh peppers in olive oil, then fry on high heat until soft) and just as delicious. Colorful fruit are four inches long by 2 inches wide, tapering to a point at the blossom end. They begin pale yellow and ripen to red. The upright plants have good branch strength and yield early and heavily.

Biodynamic certified seedlings. Pre-order now for pick-up at Love Apple Farms Spring Plant Sale.

Photo courtesy of where we got our seed stock.