All pre-sales are final. Once you've committed, it's set in blood, carved in stone, and we cannot refund your order or allow substitutions the day of pick-up.

If you fail to pick up your pre-order by end of day, March 23, 2019, come on over on another day, afterwards. Your pre-selected items may not be available for you to pick up later, but we will do our best. If a variety you have pre-chosen is sold out, we will do our best to sub it for something equally awesome (or you can choose something different). No refunds can be given for items not picked up on March 23. Please print out your order and bring it to the plant sale so you can  pick up the items you have purchased.

If one of the plants you've picked up and taken home dies or fails to thrive, please return it and we will substitute it with another live plant, hopefully the same variety, but if we have none left, a suitable and awesome substitute.